About Us

Hope Initiatives is a charitable foundation that exists to combat modern day slavery, currently with bases in the Netherlands and the Dominican Republic.

The aim of Hope Initiatives is to help people exit slavery through the following phases:


  • Partnering with law enforcement agencies and local organizations to help people escape from human trafficking and sexual slavery.
  • Assistance to safe locations.
  • Assessment of health and relocation needs.


  • Working with home embassies and government to enable repatriation.
  • Access to local support for restoration and reintegration phases.


  • Residential restoration program in a safe location that attends to the social, emotional, spiritual, physical well being of the individual, and develops key life and interpersonal skills.
  • High quality care by trained staff and qualified professionals.


  • Life planning and career development through education, training workshops, internship programs, and job placement.
  • Access to further social and psychological assistance.

Thank you for partnering with us to help establish these goals